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Gobble Meal Delivery Service

I recently decided to try several meal delivery services. They were all great and had many amazing features that were nice for the family. However, one that especially stood out to me was Gobble. Gobble sets itself apart because you are getting a tasty, nutritious meal to the table in 15 minutes. Yep, you heard me, a home cooked meal in 15 minutes. The method to this wonderful madness is everything is pre-cut and ready to go with an easy recipe card to follow that caters to novice to a seasoned professional. What I especially enjoyed is since I have a passion for food and recipes, I want to share this love with my daughter. She cooked the entire meal herself (with me as her wingman). She read the recipe card, added the ingredients as instructed, and prepared dinner for dad and me. She was so proud of herself and it gave her confidence and understanding safety in the kitchen. Another positive aspect is as I have mentioned in a previous post having your child participate in preparation engages them to try new things because they are part of the process. If you are looking for an easy midweek solution, I challenge you to try it! Another thing I really loved about this company is that you can try it and cancel very easily if needed. You are not locked into a set subscription. So, what are you waiting for… oh wait you won’t have time to wait because you will be too busy eating a delicious dinner! Affiliate links and discounts in our Shop!

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