Go Plae!

Have you guys heard about the Plae brand shoes?

Full disclosure - we don't have them. YET. I've been hesitant because K is super picky about the way his shoes fit. And these are an online purchase. And he really likes his light-up Sketchers "fast shoes". But I've been keeping tabs on this company for several years now and I think it's time. Here are the main reasons why we're getting some. And I say "we" because I'm totally getting a pair for myself also.

1. Thoughtful and whimsical designs. The patterns for children and adult shoes are just.plain.fun. In fact, just looking at them on my screen makes me happier. They have a print of fun monsters that was literally designed by a class of preschoolers that an artist redrew for Plae. The adult shoes are pretty cool too. I recently shared that we're working with K to learn to tie shoe laces. Plae has this amazing proprietary hook and lace design that eliminates that need. The irony is that this technology is only available on adult shoes - kiddos mostly have velcro options, but for the few with laces, they'll still need to learn how to tie a bow.

2. Plae shoes are incredibly well-made. A dear friend has been getting Plae shoes for her daughter for years now and they still look great. She grows out of them before they are worn out. In fact, Plae knows this and has started a rewear program on their website. Plae shoes are specifically made for insoles and outsoles to be easily replaced giving parents a way to repurpose these great shoes rather than fill the landfills. In addition to craftmanship, they are lightweight, breathable, flexible and...here is the best part - have soles made for active kids. So parents don't need to worry about little explorers slipping or whatever.

3. You can customize your Plae shoes. With us starting uniforms this year, this may be a fun way to still be able to personalize K's daily self expression.

Now the only thing is deciding which to get!

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