Germy Germy Germ Germs⁣

Having a newborn during RSV and flu season last year, I've been concerned about germs for a little while now. ⁣

And now, more than ever, I'm glad my diligence isn't something that has drastically changed our lifestyle...because I already did that when Toddler A was born. ⁣

One key thing is to eliminate towels that harbor germs that transfer to the next person. One can't assume that everyone does a stellar job washing their hands - especially children. I've purchased the Kleenex Hand Towels to help with this. Certainly, using normal paper towels work as well, but this fits better in our little bathroom.⁣

I purchased my Kleenex Hand Towels from Target but if leaving your house isn't feasible right now, here is a link.

What have you changed at home to help the germ situation?⁣



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