Food disappears when its fun!

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

I will admit, even as an adult, I enjoy eating "pretty" or "fun-shaped" foods. It may not taste different, but, oddly enough, the experience is more enjoyable.

I used to use cookie cutters, but there are actual sandwich shapers available to maximize sandwich space and usually only the crust is discarded (aka eaten by mom). They come in all sorts of shapes - airplane with clouds, flower, tug boat/train, panda bears, name it, likely you'll find it! We have several brands but Tovolo seems to be the easiest and sturdiest to use.

We go to a nut-free school, so sandwiches no longer consist of PB&J for lunch. Rather I've found that whipped cream cheese with a touch of honey is a hit with my little guy. Sometimes we will also do cream cheese and jam, with cream cheese on both breads and the jam or honey drizzled in between so that the bread isn't soggy when it's time for lunch.

I'll usually round out lunch with a serving of fresh fruit - the muscat grapes are still in season and a fav in our household - the skins are thinner and the taste is really sweet without it being saccharin sweet or have a bitter aftertaste that some grapes have.

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