Fisher Price Starlight Revolving Swing

The Fisher-Price Starlight Revolving Swing ​ Anyone who has had a baby swing will tell you it is a game-changer.

Our Fisherprice Starlight Revolving Swing doesn't just swing back and forth, it swings back and forth in a circular motion - similar to the rocking pattern when you're bouncing and walking the baby at 2AM hoping and praying they will finally fall back asleep. The seat is nice and deep and inclined at a comfortable angle. As with most swings on the market, it comes with a sound-machine, but this one sings or incorporates nature sounds. In addition to the moving mobile - it incorporates a twinkling light show with hanging toys. As yall already know, I love all things tech. This baby comes with the Fisher-Price Smart Connect app that allows you to adjust the rocking speed, lights, music and sound effects. That's helpful when you know you need to adjust something on the swing but can't get to it right away because your helping your 5-yr old cut out dinosaur footprints for a random craft he's inspired to do. The app even lets you save 2 favorite settings so you can rock right into your Little's favorite settings that will keep them comfy cozy. This baby swing has given me back my parent-sanity, saved my back and arms from new-parent aches, and has allowed to me continue with every-day life like getting some laundry done.

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