Ergobaby Aura Infant Wrap

This is me and Baby A. Our second son and the sweetest baby ever.

Here he is 3 days old and I'm 3 days postpartum. They tell you that subsequent deliveries are faster each time. My first delivery was only 90 minutes in the Delivery Room with 20 min of pushing - worried I'd be sent home from the hospital, I mostly labored at home. And it wasn't too bad.

With this little guy, we had over 72 hours of stops and starts before he finally decided to come meet us. It was long and arduous but we made it. We had just got back from the hospital when this was taken.

Baby A, still only 7 lbs and iddy-biddy, I wrapped him up for skin-to-skin with the Ergobaby Aura infant wrap. It allowed for Baby A to be close to me while I still had the use of my arms.

The Aura wrap was only helpful for a short period of time for us as Baby A soon grew out of it, but I'm grateful for the time it gave back to me, not to mention being hands-free is always incredibly helpful for a new mom.

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