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Elf of The Shelf

Elf on the Shelf

Okay so either you are excitingly jumping up and down, or rolling your eyes. I get it! Elf on the Shelf has been an insanely crazy new expectation thrust upon parents during the holiday season. However, I wanted to provide you with a few ideas that I have used, to hopefully make the stress of moving that little guy every day, not so daunting.

First thing though, what I love about this tradition, is the imagination and creativity. I don’t use the book in our house, and I don’t tie the elf back as a spy for Santa. I purely use it as a fun way to watch my daughter light up every morning.

One thing that I loved and have seen is wrapping up a bunch of books and having either you or your little one read each night.

Another fun thing we did, was take bows and decorate the entire kitchen so when she woke up it was super fun. We have used the elf to bring “ticket” to events that we have planned, or even a movie and popcorn for a fun family night in.

The most important thing is you can make it as easy or complex as you want to! If you want to just move the little guy each day, do it! If you want to have him/her bring a fun ticket to a holiday event that works too. We do a mixture of both in my household.

So enjoy the season, and enjoy your littles.

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