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Easy and Mini Med Kit

Mini Med Kit:

When having outdoor adventures or even day trips, being prepared is important. But being prepared doesn’t mean having to lug a huge med kit with you wherever you go. My husband has put together a modified portable med kit that he has “turbo” charged if you will. A Med Kit needs to be:

• Small/portable- let’s be honest you won’t take it with you if it is too big or heavy • Functional- Build it so that it will cover what you need 90% of the time, but prepared for those unexpected 10%. For example, Band-aids and Neosporin or Tylenol/Ibuprofen

How to plan for the 10%- well ask what if and try to plan for it: • Large cut= have superglue or gauze and tape • All fire starters won’t work= have a magnifying glass • Clothing tears= needle/thread or safety pins

Making the choices of what to put it versus what not too: • I choose Iodine wipes over alcohol because it doesn’t burn when cleaning a cut and it can treat water in an emergency for drinking

I started with a $1.00 kit from Walmart and made it my own.

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