Easter Celebrations

For our family, Easter is all about spending time outside with family, brightening our wardrobe with a new dress and of course enjoying the drop-in visit from the Easter bunny! Easter baskets usually contain art activities, a new addition to our fairy garden and a few treats. We love getting together with friends and family to celebrate the spring holiday!

The Easter Bunny does an elaborate scavenger hunt at our house. Usually one with several stops from bedroom closets to the mailbox outside to hidden nooks and crannys throughout the house, each with a small basket that culminates to a “grand finale” basket. Each stop has clues to the next place where there might be another basket filled with Easter goodies, art and craft supplies, small toys (usually legos), and other knick knacks you can only find this time of year. It’s been fun watching our little guy figure out clues throughout the years!

Easter for us is special because we celebrate the grace given to us through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. One of our family’s favorite activities is to decorate the rugged cross at church with fresh flowers. A symbolism that despite the ugliness of death, there is new hope and new life. We love to decorate Easter Eggs and hide them, as well as gather together as a family for Easter Brunch. Our daughter uses an Easter basket that was hand crafted by her great-grandfather and has been passed down thru the generations. We also have a scavenger hunt left by the Easter bunny along with crazy clues, one always leading us to an outside adventure even sometimes spotting some of the hidden eggs we dyed the day before. We always have an Easter outfit left by the easter bunny with a small basket. We love to spend time with our family and we finish the day off by having a traditional Easter dinner with family and a cousin Easter egg hunt! Easter is one of my favorite holidays!

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