Double Blind Surprise

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We were all so excited when Sarah told us about Double Blind Surprise! Double Blind Surprise is a unique gifting service where the gifter fills out an easy questionnaire about the giftee and Double Blind Surprise will send the gift. It's a surprise for both the giftee but also the gifter! What you get is usually something not easily found anywhere so it's a fun surprise for both friends!

We loved the idea so much that we sat down with Adrienne Cook, artist, mom, and founder of Double Blind Surprise!

TPM: How long has Double Blind Surprise been around?

AC: Since October [2018]

TPM: What is the coolest present you presented?

AC: A friend of mine made this beautiful garlic box. It's beautiful and carefully done and one of the best things I've given! Another artists makes playful steel sculptures. He does a lot of public art six to eight feet or taller. Silhouettes of animals, but also a ten foot version like a cool bunny head. Interesting art collectors would be interested. I want these gifts to be complete and ready. For instance if it's a print, I'll have it framed and ready rather than just the print.

TPM: What's the best feedback you've received?

AC: The best feedback was from a woman who chose to do this for herself for her birthday. She said the gift was stuff that she'd never purchase but was spot on. She did $25 and plans to do it each year. It's a way to take care of yourself!

TPM: What do you want everyone to know about Double Blind Surprise?

AC: The gifts are quality goods. They are unique and handmade and there are a number of different price points to curate a gift that goes together from known artisans. I also want to add that it's a real person behind the gifts. In this age of [online shopping] and automation, we never really know where things are coming from. I like to focus on artists and small businesses for my goods, and then hand-select them for each order that comes in. That way you can see the care all the through the process. It's about real people recognizing and loving other real people.


TPM: Do you ship internationally?

AC: Yes. The website isn't set up for it now, but email me!

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