Dock A Tot

The Doc A Tot came out after our first baby. We had a whole bunch of stuff saved from our first so I honestly didn’t think we would need anything new when I got pregnant again. Man oh man, was I ever wrong. Luckily for us, our dear and generous friends gifted us a Dock A Tot Baby Lounger. She had sworn by the Dock A Tot for her second baby (also word of mouth from another friend) and was so excited to gift this to us - THANK YOU J&K! This lounger has been used all over the house as a comfortable and comforting place for our baby to sleep. It’s extremely portable so where ever I need to be, I can keep an eye on the little guy while he sleeps. It’s like a mini baby bed with a large round pillow around it. It’s kind of elevated at the head and like many baby loungers out on the market today, it’s made with organic cotton. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen, it’s also Oeko-Tex Certified which means it is guaranteed to be safe and gently on baby’s skin. The certification itself is fairly comprehensive and totally voluntary, which means Dock A Tot had set out with this safety feature in mind. You can also get travel cases for the Dock A Tot, which comes in handy for planes, trains, and automobiles when traveling. Get $10 off your Dock A Tor and more parent-approved hacks here and in our Shop!

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