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We were hesitant at first to purchase the Disney + app, but couldn’t be more happy that we did! In fact, we cancelled our cable because we mostly had it for Disney or family television anyway. The library of items is fantastic and we love showing our little one movies and television that we watched as kids. (In fact, both my husband and I could still sing theme songs).

They have two ways to purchase the streaming app, either by month or yearly. They also have bundles that you can purchase as well such as the Hulu/ESPN/Disney.

I have been very impressed by the content as well as access to the entire vault library of the classic films.

I remember being so jealous of friends who had all the VHS tapes growing up, and now my kid can enjoy the movies as well. Plus having the entire Star Wars and Marvel collection is fun.

Another great feature is you can stream up to 10 devices (not that we would need or have that many) but it is nice to know that it’s possible.

So if you have been on the fence about it, I have been very impressed. They are also continually adding movies all next spring as well, in addition to creating original content.

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