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Day Hike Fun

Day Hike Fun

Who doesn’t love a good day hike with friends? Being prepared is the difference between a good time (because you’re outside so of course it will be good) and great time (because you are prepared). It is good to know your audience. What can they handle, how is the terrain, and how much time do you anticipate being gone for.

I recommend having a comfortable daypack that you can wear and that is comfortable. I particularly like Osprey. The second thing is making sure you have plenty of water and snacks. Make sure the snacks are not items that are going to melt or super messy. I prefer granola bars, almonds, or a piece of fruit. Even more with little ones because a happy hiker is a fun hiker.

Other items that I ensure to have is sunscreen, good shoes that provide ankle support, loose fitting cloths, hiking sticks (I use these for my knees and hips and it is such a great thing). So get outside and enjoy the great outdoors!

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