Daily Harvest is a Smoothie-lovers Dream

Photo Credit: Daily Harvest

As someone adjusting to the schedule of returning to an office after maternity leave - meaning I am now in a lot of meetings and no longer cooking in my kitchen and eating all the time, and trying to get as much nutrition in during the day (I'm still pumping and trying to get ahead on the frozen stash) every "good" calorie counts. I don't have the time, patience, or stomach room frankly, to spend a whole lot of time preparing and eating. So I need nutrition-dense options. They carefully choose farms to partner with and flash freeze harvested fruits and veggies at the farm when ingredients are picked at its ripest to ensure taste and nutrients. I've recently started including fruit and veggie shakes from Daily Harvest to my daily routine and they are so delicious that I can't get enough of them.

The shakes come with frozen ingredients in a recyclable paper cup with a lid. All you need to do is pour in liquids (they recommend almond milk or coconut water) to the top, throw it all into a blender, pour back into the original cup, add a straw and you are good to go! Much of the ingredients included in the shakes are organic which is a big deal to me since I'm still nursing a baby and what I put into my body goes into his.

Boxes can come in frequencies of weekly or month in 6, 9, 12, or 24 cups. Everything comes frozen with a giant block of dry ice - which can totally be used for science experiments and more on that in another post. Subscriptions are easily changed to include what you'd like in your order and even skip a delivery either online or via their smartphone app. With over 20 flavor concoctions like Mango + Greens to Dragon Fruit + Lychee to Cold Brew + Almond, you are bound to find something nutritious that you will love ... or 10 or 12.

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