Countdown the Hours to the New Year with Flair

Having a new year's celebration this year but not sure now to keep the kiddos busy?

Two words - confetti balloons.

Balloons are always fun but add confetti inside of them while you blow them up and it takes them to a special place.

At specific time intervals, have the kids pop a balloon filled with confetti. Whether it's every hour or every 30 min (if you are doing the countdown early) popping balloons filled with confetti will be a fun and festive treat that the kids will enjoy. It's a memorable way to mark the coming of a big annual milestone - ringing in the new year!

Have older children at the party also? Consider hiding a "fun thing to do" like "2-min dance party with the adults" or even hiding a clue in each balloon that leads to a prize for all the kids! The older kids will show the littles what to do and their excitement will be contagious for younger ones as well as adults!

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