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Building Emotional Confidence

Building Emotional Confidence

Shortly after my husband was stationed in another city, state and across the country, g started having a difficult time processing her feelings of not being with dad every day. This brought on a new level of emotions in our home. For me, I was already overwhelmed with the feelings of being an independent parent. I needed and received some professional help on how to help g understand her feelings.

Through the process, I was reminded that one of my number one goals of being a parent is to raise an emotionally intelligent person. This comes through building confidence that it is ok to feel the way you feel. Instead of trying to tell g all the things we are happy for when she was sad and crying, I let her just cry it out. The tears slowed the flow almost immediately when she had confidence that it was ok to have feelings. In addition, I was taught how to help her identify her feelings. We were both automatically going to a place of feeling like we miss our family when sometimes, it was actual frustration that her shoe did not fit right or feelings of annoyance over itchy pants.

I also learned that my daughter wanted to partner with me on all of the chores through the house. Rather than giving her jobs and rewarding her, I learned that I needed to be her partner to get the jobs done. We started to turn up the music and enjoy emptying the dishwasher or picking up toys.

Through the process, she is building her confidence that she is helpful and that getting things done is rewarding and can be fun!

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