Book Review: Instant Pot Obsession by Janet A Zimmerman

I gave in. I wasn't going to do it. We didn't need another gadget to take up room on the kitchen counter. But I did it. I got an Instant Pot. Sarah getting an amazing dinner on the table in 20 minutes was the thing that convinced me.

I got one and I love it. Sarah also recommended that I get the book Instant Pot Obesession, The Ultimate Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook for Cooking Everything Fast by Janet A Zimmerman, and my awesome Sis-in-law picked one up for me. My FAVORITE recipe is the Brazilian Chicken Thighs with dark beer. The meat is flavorful and tender and I like sipping on the broth. The total cook time is 45 minutes and you get a hearty and delish meal that seems like it took 8 hours in the crock pot.

We've since instant potted many other recipes in the book and they are all great. My 5 year old picky eater even liked the green beans I made tonight! And here's a kid who recently declared he didn't want to eat anything green ever again. So I chalked up dinner as win!

I'm still a novice at this kitchen appliance but definitely getting better and willing to try more recipes. What are some of your favorites and recommendations?

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