Book Review: Clark the Shark by Bruce Hale

Book Review - Clark the Shark

Adjusting to Kindergarten is hard. It’s hard for the parent, and it’s hard for the child. My little one had attended daycare since she was 5 months old, and the same place since she was 2. She grew up with her same classmates for nearly 3 years, and went through so many milestones together.

When she started Kindergarten, she was scared, nervous, and excited all at once. However, for a tiny little person she was battling so many emotions. She would lash out at some of the other children when she felt uneasy or nervous, or she would become distant and disengage with the others at recess. I can only imagine how hard it must be to go from a familiar environment with friends that know the real you, to trying to meet new friends and “fit” in. . I saw this book at the first book fair, and thought why not give it a try. What I loved about this story, is it really helps children see the other person’s perspective. By the end, the shark is not only aware of his own behavior, but also helps a friend who is struggling with similar issues. The story highlights that you don’t change who you are, you just become more self-aware of your own actions and how those actions impact friends.

My little one is loving Kindergarten now. Her favorite parts are recess (which at first she dreaded) and playing with her friends. As adults we know that it just takes time to adjust, however, this story does such a great job in allowing the child to understand their feelings and the feelings of others.

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