• Annie

Blended Families Bonus

When I met my husband, I knew immediately he had a daughter, she is his light and world. I had no idea I would be invited to join their unique and special relationship a few years later.

I know that some people may not have the best relationship when there are moms, dads, stepmoms, stepdads, ex-wives, ex-husbands, step kids, etc. For us, we do have a special and unique relationship and for that, I am thankful. For me, having Big G welcome me into her life was and still is something I consider to be one of my most cherished and luckiest of blessings. I never like the technical aspect of my position in her life or her position in mine, I never wanted to be a “step” anything. I chose to call her a bonus daughter almost immediately. Her presence and personality were something I never knew I would have in my life, a truly lucky bonus. G’s mom is also a blessing in my life, ever giving, kind, helpful, thoughtful and especially fun and funny! She is ever encouraging and always puts her daughter first. When little g joined the clan, our blended family dynamic and the health of our relationships became even more important. G loves g with all her heart and their sister bond is remarkable, even when life changes have come, they have an irreversible and unmistakable bond of love and friendship. In a nutshell, each adult could choose to place themselves or priorities above the needs of our family. But we don’t. It just doesn’t happen. Instead, we choose to spend Birthdays, Thanksgiving feast, Christmas morning, dance recitals, graduations and Sunday afternoons together. We are ever giving and loving to each other. Our family comes first and I will forever be grateful to be part of this beautiful family.

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