Baby Bjorn One

Hiking Adventure Fail-Safes that a Mamma Must Take I had mentioned that living where we do allows for quick hikes because how easy it is to access trails in our area. But frankly, a 2-4 year old makes for an undependable hiking buddy. One day they are all about making it to "the top" and other days you end up spending 40 minutes examining the ant hill at the trailhead. Most hikes I was carrying Little K down, at least, part way of our hike. Being the ginormous toddler that he was he had quickly outgrown our hiking backpack, but the Baby Bjorn

One was a fantastic carrier that I often took with us and used. It officially holds up to 3 years and 33 lbs, but I was still using it when K was 4 years old and 40 lbs. And kiddos can be carried on the back - this is like a helping-hand while giving a piggy back to your Little. It comes with a thick, pressure-relieving waste belt so that the weight distributes on your hips and not on your back and shoulders - key when you're lugging 40 lbs down a steepish trail. This carrier will accommodate babies as small as newborn and 8 lbs. For me it felt too big and awkward for a newborn, but it fit my husband, who is much larger in stature than I am, and our baby well. . Baby Bjorn also has these really great clips that don't require clipping behind you to secure baby and carrier in place - clips are both up front and easy to get baby/kiddo in and out of. Little K is too big now for the Baby Bjorn One, and they actually now have one that is made of mesh material called the One Air. But we still have ours and I plan to start getting back into hiking shape again soon and will likely be actively using this for next few years.

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