Apricot Baby Carrier

Baby carrier tip #1: it's important to get one that fits.

That sounds like a no-brainer, but it's harder than you'd think to get one that fits and feels comfortable. And what works well for me, doesn't rank as high with my husband who is exactly one foot taller than I am. We literally have almost a dozen carriers and my favorite to carry an infant through toddler-stageis a Japanese brand that I found in Taiwan.

The Apricot-brand carrier comes with an attachment that can be specifically used with a newborn. Unfortunately, our first son was well past newborn-stage when I found this carrier. It's comparable to the Ergobaby Performance - similar padded waist support and method to get baby in, but this carrier just feels like a better fit for me. And by better fit I mean I can carry our little dude longer without fatigue and aches and pains later.

I guess it makes sense that I found one most comfortable for me in a country where I'm pretty average sized. In the US, I usually have to shop in the petite section. Our second son is just getting to the weight where I can use this with him also and I'm pretty excited to start hiking and doing fun things with him in this carrier!

Which carriers would you recommend?

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