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Amazing Magical Experience

I have recently been introduced the most amazing thing. At the Disney store you can take your kiddo to wait in line before the store officially opens to help open the store, Who knew about this... not me!

At about 5 minutes to the official store opening a Disney employee comes and and excitingly lets you know what child will be helping them open the store, this is where the magic starts!

After that the employee gives the child instructions on what to look for in the store to let him or her know the special key is on the way! I won’t go into all the detail as I want all of you to have the same surprising experience we did!

Your kiddo will get a free special prize to remember this magical experience.

To open the Disney store is one of the most magical moments that I’ve had since visiting Disneyland with my daughter. She was so thrilled she was smiling from ear to ear and jumping up and down! I had to share this cool experience with all of you so that you too could have a bit of magic for a moment, in this crazy thing we call life!

Ps I recommend being there about 30 minutes before store opening.

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