Advent Calendars - Not Just For Chocolate Lovers Anymore

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

My son got his first advent calendar from his 2PreK teacher several years ago. It was a fun way for us to reinforce numbers and sequencing of numbers (up to 25) with a special prize at the end before school (ie chocolate). Ever since then, it's been part of the magic of December but there are more than chocolate calendars these days! This year we have a dinosaur advent calendar until the 24th where K learns about a new dino each day.

We got everyone (not just the kiddos) advent goodies as part of the holiday gifting season, from full-size hot sauce bottles to Vinebox Wine, Imported Cheese, Beautiful Pyramid English Tea Bags to luxury beauty products - my personal fav (got one for myself) is the L'Occitane Signature Holiday Advent Calendar. For cousins we found that Lego and Playmobile has a number of themed advent calendars for boys and girls - from Friends to Harry Potter to Star Wars to Christmas Ball and everyday heroes. I can't wait for newly-minted-toddler-A to be old enough to enjoy the lovely Eric Carle's Interactive Advent Calendar that I found.

I even saw that Tiffany & Co has a lovely customizable advent calendar (a hem, wink wink nudge nudge :) ) You name it, someone has made it into ad advent calendar!

So cheers to gifts every day of the month! Even if it's just a small delish chocolate morsel.

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