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Adjusting Back to Life After a Vacation

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Enter the door of getting back into your normal routine, this is especially difficult when you have disconnected for at least a week. My husband’s family is on the east coast so even the two-hour time difference impacts my sleep patterns. My sister is overseas so when we travel international it adds a whole new dimension in getting back to my normal practices. People always say that going from East to West is easier…… well to them I say NOPE!

Here are some steps I try to incorporate when I travel and come back after a longer time away.

1. Give your self some buffer time, at minimum a day, because getting back to your routine will need some adjusting. When I come back from international travel, I give two days and try to start back at work with a half day.

2. If you traveled international, make sure to stay awake and attempt to get as close to your normal bedtime as possible (or at least within 2 hours). I fell asleep at 6pm and it was a disaster, I woke up at 2am!

3. Drink lots of water and avoid quick fixes of simple carbs and caffeine

Traveling is fun, but you also have to take care of “real life”. Remember to not burn yourself out, but take care of you because you just invested that good time in your own personal well-being.

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