A New Year's Eve Countdown that Gets You In Bed By 10!

If you have littles, the thought of getting them to bed at midnight after a loud and rowdy countdown may give you some pause (personally, it triggers ticks and migraines for me). Luckily, some wise friends who have older children taught us a really good hack.

With smart TVs and internet these days, you can download a countdown and play it earlier in the night and do your "midnight countdown" whenever works best for your family's sleep schedule. With it getting so dark so early these days in our hemisphere, you can even start the countdown at 6PM if you wish and let the kids think they are being allowed to stay up WAY late!

Whatever time you choose to do the countdown, whether it be at 6PM or 6 hours later, we hope you have a fantastic new year and wish you amazing experiences in 2020.

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