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100 Day Celebration

This week was the 100 day of pre-k for my daughter. We haaaaad to celebrate in style with her classmates! G’s teacher is always thinking of creative activities to keep the children engaged by looking forward to something.

We had two homework assignments for the celebratory day:

Bring 100 of anything to school to share with our friends and create something with 100 things!

First, G decided on her own she would share Trader Joe’s Corn on the Cob Popping Corn. Her teacher graciously popped it for her classmates and they were super excited to see the cob transform!

Second, I found a favorite color purple shirt, purchased some iron-on sheets by Avery, googled some pictures and voila! A Sweet 100 Day shirt was in the making! After arranging the googled sweet treat pictures, arrange them in a word document and then use the Avery printable fabric sheets to print the creation. Transferring the fabric sheets to the T-shirt is easy, you must have an iron and ironing board and ensure the heat is turned all the way up. No steam is needed.

Simply place the fabric sheets on the T-shirt, place the iron on the fabric sheet and press firmly.

If the first go with the iron does not allow you to peel the sheet freely, simply press again!

G’s face when she saw her new shirt was priceless and custom to her personality! We had a

great 100-day celebration and apparently there are only about 80 days left of school.

#100DayCelebration #DoItYourself #TraderJoes

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